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Hourglass Coffee Maker PDF Print E-mail

Cold-Brewed Coffee Extract
Easy, Delicious
Breakthrough KosherEye Discovery
It's Shabbos Friendly!

"On the eighth day G-d created coffee".  For coffee lovers, like KosherEye, that idiom states it perfectly.  We love coffee!  The hunt is always on to find the next fabulous cup of coffee.

Coffee extract is not a new idea and has been used for years, commercially.  Many coffee houses and cafes use cold-brew coffee extract.  The Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker brings cold brew coffee to the consumer. It is the brainchild of Todd Maas and Bob Neace and is based on Neace's grandfather's way of making "cold-brewed" coffee in a homemade contraption.  They wanted to create a cold-brew coffee maker that was functional, yet stylish, and convenient, without the mess.  The pair spent four years developing a "user friendly" model.  The Hourglass made its debut at the 2009 International Home & Housewares show in Chicago and won an HFN (Home Furnishing News) Award of Excellence.

The coffee maker looks like its name suggests — an hourglass.  To make the extract, ground coffee is added to the stainless steel filter, followed by water.  The coffee is left to steep from 24 to 72 hours.  At the end of the steeping process, the Hourglass is flipped over (just like an hourglass), the extract flows into the bottom compartment and is then poured into a carafe.  (Trust us, it is Easy!)  Then two ounces of the steeped extract is mixed with six ounces of boiling water to produce a "brewed” cup of coffee.   The extract can also be mixed with cold water for a delicious glass of iced coffee.

Why drink cold brew coffee?  The Hourglass produces smooth, low acid coffee perfect for people with acid reflux and digestive issues. One "brewed" pot can last a few days and is always available for coffee "on demand".  It is a "green" product and uses no electricity or paper filters and yet produces a rich coffee extract.  The extract has the added benefit of containing 69.6% less acidity than hot- brewed coffee and can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks The per cup cost is low…. and, most appealing, the coffee is delicious even to very selective coffee drinkers!

And now the best news of all:

While testing this new product, KosherEye made an exciting discovery… the Hourglass coffee maker has offered the Sabbath observant community a breakthrough product.

For coffee loving Sabbath observant Jews, having a good cup of coffee on Saturday morning or after a wonderful Shabbos meal comes with limitations.  There is a biblical prohibition against cooking on Shabbos, which includes the brewing of coffee. What are Shabbos observant people suppose to do?  They drink instant coffee! Now there is a choice. The Hourglass is Shabbos compliant, since there is absolutely no cooking or coffee sifting involved.

We spoke with Kim Kapp, President of Hourglass, and she suggested that we use French Roast, coarsely ground coffee.  We followed her advice and used the French Roast and also tried Espresso decaf.  We made several batches of cold-brew coffee extract:  24, 36, 48 and 72 hours each.   The 48 hour brew was excellent but, we like our coffee strong, so our favorite was the 72 hour brew.   Is the long steeping time worth it?  Absolutely! The finished product resulted in a cup of coffee that was smooth, rich and had a "freshly brewed" taste.

We suggest that when using the coffee extract on Shabbos, do not refrigerate it for several hours prior to use.  Water from some Sabbath urns are not always boiling hot, and to ensure a really hot cup of coffee, the extract should be at room temperature.  Kim advised that the extract, after brewing, can be left unrefrigerated for several days.  So, time your brewing length and have it ready for Shabbos.  Enjoy your coffee, and if there is any left over, refrigerate it!

KosherEye toasts The World's "COOLEST" Coffee Maker... the Hourglass Cold Brew Coffee Maker with the Javatini  Martini cocktail.

Recipe included in their product booklet.

For more information, visit

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